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Located in beautiful Ely, Minnesota, Peshel Accounting is here to help with all your tax and business accounting needs.  Our firm specializes in Individual and Business Income Tax as well as Bookkeeping.  We work hard to ensure you receive an accurate account of your personal or business finances. Feel free to drop off your tax information or schedule an appointment for questions or concerns. 

Know Your Rights as a Taxpayer- Click here for the Taxpayer Bill of Rights



The IRS is consistently providing information that can be helpful to you as a taxpayer. Topics covered include scams and phishing updates, paying off your taxes, tax tips, and more. In this section, we will link and give a brief explanation of each newsletter. To read the article in full click view more below. You can also find earlier published newsletters by visiting The Archive tab in the menu above.

Taxpayers should hang up if tax season scammers come calling

JANUARY 9, 2023

The tax filing season is a popular time for scammers to call and try to dupe unsuspecting taxpayers. These thieves often make threatening or alarming calls posing as the IRS to try to steal taxpayer money or personal information.

However, it's easy for people to recognize this scam by knowing how the IRS contacts taxpayers.

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Where is my refund?
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